AMF puhdistustikut 1520CS  3 tuotetta

AMF puhdistustikut 1520CS
Kiinnitys koneen karaan, sopii 16 mm Weldon.

...521: 30 mm / 50 g
...522: 100 mm / 133 g
...523: 180 mm / 208 g

This tool is essential for automation of a CNC machine. It gives the machine the ability to mechanically clean workpieces and clamping fixtures. The effect of the AMF Cleaner is adapted to the local conditions by the selective travel to different positions with a rotating tool. Due to its shape and the different lengths, it is especially suitable for cleaning holes, pockets, undercuts or other contours. Through selection from 3 different universal nozzles (UN), you can influence the intensity of the cleaning jet. The AMF Cleaner cleans at high-speed and can be integrated into the automation cycle quickly and easily by means of a short subroutine.

KSS pressure range 5 to 120 bar
Compressed-air pressure range 5 to 10 bar
Outlets 3
Minimum speed 30 rpm
Maximum speed 400 rpm
Working medium Cooling lubricant, compressed air

Put your cleaner together individually. The pipe and universal nozzle are ordered separately.

• Repeatable, systematic and thorough cleaning of the workpiece or clamping fixture
• No aerosol pollution harmful to the health of the machine operator
• Reduction of cleaning time
Tuotekoodi Tuote Hinta Pakkauskoko
31263521 1520CS-30 AMF-puhdistustikku lyhyt
Amf 17608
96,00 EUR 91,50 EUR Online hinta - vain verkkokaupasta 1
31263522 1520CS-100 AMF-puhdistustikku std
Amf 17616
109,00 EUR 103,00 EUR Online hinta - vain verkkokaupasta 1
31263523 1520CS-180 AMF-puhdistustikku pitkä
Amf 17624
123,00 EUR 121,00 EUR Online hinta - vain verkkokaupasta 1

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